Fifty Years Ago … and Counting

Transitions Wealth Management was founded in 1999 but our roots date back to 1961, when Member Stephen L. Wenner, CPA/PFS co-founded affiliated accounting firm, The Wenner Group, LLC.
Over time, in our quest to be as full-service as possible, we discovered a critical missing ingredient: wealth management that complemented rather than conflicted with clients’ accounting, tax planning and tax preparation activities. All the “bean-counting” in the world could only go so far if our clients lacked a clear, sensible way to manage their resulting personal wealth according to their most heartfelt goals! 

We looked hard to find an alliance to provide that missing ingredient, but our search was in vain. After considerable due diligence, we decided the adage, “If you want something done right …” applied, and Transitions Wealth Management was born. 

Initially WS Investment Advisors, LLC, we renamed the firm in 2012, to reflect our strong focus on helping individuals better steward their family wealth during periods of transition; we specialize in assisting widows, divorcees, retirees, and others facing inheritance and liquidation events.

Today, we appreciate our wealth of history, while embracing contemporary and future opportunities. Like our clients who are facing their own life transitions, we too have undergone plenty of change during the past half-century – some of it sought-after, other events involuntary. We have chosen to dedicate ourselves to people in transition because we’ve walked more than a mile in their shoes and have learned what it takes to grow stronger, wiser, more enriched by the experience. We also have learned how good it feels to share that experience with others. At Transitions Wealth Management, transitions are what we live for. We welcome the opportunity to help you with yours.


How Can We Help You?

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