Invest With Intent
It’s easy for investors to feel overwhelmed. What should you buy and sell? When should you buy and sell it? With whom? What’s the plan? Transitions Wealth Management guides the way with clear strategy and sensible application.
If it feels as if you face overwhelming choices as an investor, you can relax. By managing your personal life transitions, your investment strategy and your portfolio administration, we’ve got your back.


We begin with our Wealth Management deep Discovery of you: your desired lifestyle and funding needs, wealth accumulation and preservation expectations, personal strengths and barriers, key relationships, and more. This level of Discovery can be especially essential during periods of life transition. We use this essential information to form a written plan – YOUR written plan – which becomes your reliable investment touchstone.


Decades of academic inquiry have provided a body of evidence on how to experience successful outcomes in our capital markets …for those investors who remain patient and deliberate. Transitions Wealth Management helps you manage market factors you can expect to control and ignore the costly wild cards that you can’t. By following a few simple tenets, you too can be a patient investor.  

  • Costs matter. Skip trying to trade on the market’s short-term swings; it’s too expensive. Sit tight according to your plan, and let the market work for you over time.
  • Market risk and expected reward are related. Riskier asset classes have yielded higher long-term returns compared with their safer counterparts. Focus on efficiently capturing the expected returns from these broad asset classes; avoid the costly attempt to pick individual winners or losers within.
  • Buy low, sell high. It would seem common sense, but the evidence indicates most investors do exactly the opposite by selling during bear markets (low) and buying during bull markets (high). Instead, we bring disciplined rebalancing to your plan, to help capture returns and stay on course.
  • It’s the portfolio, not each holding. Even individual asset classes will have good and bad years. Blend the risky and the safe into a portfolio that reflects your plan… and sit tight some more.  


Robust planning and informed market strategy are best implemented with like-minded service providers. If you remain disciplined, but your fund manager has a short-term, transactional mindset, imagine the damage this can cause to your desired outcomes.

For the core of our clients’ portfolios, Transitions Wealth Management turns to fund provider Dimensional Fund Advisors, long recognized for its commitment to applying efficient market theory to practical fund construction. Our clients’ accounts are held independently in their name at Charles Schwab & Co., with an eye toward objective oversight and cost management.

“While you can't control capital markets, you can control how you approach them - through asset allocation, diversification, trading efficiency, and tax management.”

- David Butler, Dimensional Fund Advisors