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Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming. Running out of money, stock market crashes and high health care costs top the list of common financial fears for life after work.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming. Running out of money, stock market crashes and high health care costs top the list of common financial fears for life after work.

A goal without a plan is a wish

How we can help

We can help you overcome these fears. Whatever your goals for life, we help determine how much you will need to sustain your desired lifestyle and define strategies to help you get there. Our retirement planning services include:

  • Retirement needs analysis. Everyone has different expectations for retirement. We work with you to review your current retirement portfolio, if applicable, and further define your post-work aspirations.
  • Retirement plans analysis and education. Although most of us understand the importance of retirement planning, the multitude of investment possibilities and complex rules mean that most people don’t even know where to begin. We can bring clarity.
  • Savings planning. We can review budgets and set realistic savings goals to get you on track to a healthy retirement.
  • Retirement plan liaison. We can assist in the coordination of retirement plan service providers, product sponsors or vendors.
  • RMD/72t calculations and analysis. We help you understand minimum withdrawal requirements and early withdrawal implications.
  • Social security planning. Social security can be an important income stream, even for your beneficiaries. We help you understand the current and potential impacts.

We believe you can beat the market without outguessing it

Investment Management

Almost 70% of Americans worry they won’t have enough money to retire. Most people don’t have the time to properly monitor and manage their assets. If they do have the time, they may not have the skills and patience. Without active review and attention, your portfolio is exposed to erosion, undue risk, lost opportunity or depletion.

How we can help

We work directly with you and your family to ensure that your assets are invested across a diverse, risk-appropriate portfolio. Our Asset Management services include:

  • Determining your objectives. To manage your assets prudently, we first uncover your savings and spending goals.
  • Creating a strategic asset allocation plan. We’ll help create a long-term management plan in line with the recommended asset mix.
  • Managing and monitoring the portfolio. We watch over the portfolio for you, making sure it never strays from delivering the objectives you desire.
  • Measuring performance. We track the performance of your assets under our care, and constantly measure how they are performing against industry-recognized benchmarks.
  • Managing risk. Our strategy includes appropriate risk mitigation as part of this service. 

Plan to get the most out of your money

Tax Planning

A well planned tax strategy can yield great benefits – but only if it’s done professionally and earlier on during your wealth accumulation cycle. Prudent tax planning starts long before you make investment decisions that will trigger a tax liability. 

How we can help

Our Tax Planning philosophy is not centered on tax avoidance, but rather on long-term tax planning strategies, so you and your family aren’t overburdened by an undue tax liability. We can help minimize taxes, maximize tax refunds and guide you to optimize your tax-friendly investment returns. Our tax planning services include:

  • Tax-advantaged advice. Our tax planning advice includes considerations for investing with pre-tax dollars or post-tax income, including what types of investment vehicles are right for you.
  • Tax-impacted income. When planning for tax impact on your income, we’ll also plan for the types of income that you might receive: dividends, interest, annuity payments, capital gains, inheritances, employer or government benefits. 
  • Future tax impacts. Our tax specialists will help you foresee impacts to your future net wealth. If left unplanned, your net wealth could be diminished due to likely claw-backs to benefits and erosion to your estate through substantial taxes.
  • Tax-protected legacy planning. We’ll help you mitigate possible tax impacts when it comes to your estate to ensure that future generations do not bear the burden of taxes as a result of the legacy you leave them. 

Early tax planning pays off

Consider this…if you decrease your tax bill by just $250 each year and invest it at a 5% rate of return annually, you could have $15,250 waiting for you in 30 years. The longer you defer tax planning, the more money you’ll end up paying. That money could potentially have been saved, invested and grown – through the magic of compounding – over many years.

How can we help?

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